MOO Takes Second Place in the MediaTech 100

MOO is number 2 in the Media Tech 100

The Library House 2008 Mediatech 100 supported by Kemp Little and NMA

Congratulations to Peter and Jerome from WAYN, Mattias at Stardoll, along with MOO friends Sulake and Dailymotion who also made the top 10. It’s a pleasure to be amongst such esteemed company.

Top 10 companies – In order


Handmade Mobile Entertainment runs the Flirtomatic service, a fast-paced messaging platform, entertainment and dating. Handmade distinguishes its service from other dating sites by an emphasis on “spontaneous fun”, and its cross-platform web-mobile interoperability. The service is free to use, but revenues are generated through advertising and by up-selling of value added services for small fees. 70% of Flirtomatic’s users are aged 18-24.

MOO Print

MOO Print is a printing company, producing a variety of printed products (cards, stickers etc) based on users’ photograps. Users can upload photographs directly, use stock MOO’s designs, or use the interface to take images from accounts on Flickr, Facebook or other similar websites. A pack of 50 business cards could have a different image printed on each card.

Where Are You Now?

Where Are You Now (WAYN) is a social networking community which emphasises the formation of contacts between travellers around the world, as well as helping friends who met whilst travelling to stay in touch. The network has over 13 million users, and is present in 193 countries. WAYN allows users to share photographs and videos via its site, and it has SMS functionality.


DailyMotion is a destination website hosting user-generated videos. The French website has been growing steadily since its launch in for those wishing to publish videos online, or to watch the video others have uploaded. The site has in excess of 30m page views per day, and has a global Alexa rank of 38. In February 2008, the site began to support HD video. Ltd runs the website, a successful casual gaming site where players compete against opponents from around the world. The games played are casual and skill-based, and presented in flash. The site’s main attraction is that it allows players to back themselves with small monetary stakes, avoiding gambling restrictions as the games are skill orientated, rather than games of chance.


Sulake runs the popular Habbo site, a free-to-use, browser-based virtual world in which players customise an avatar character and its room in a virtual hotel. Sulake generates revenue by selling in-game furniture in order to personalise the character’s space. Habbo has 19 websites running, in 30 local communities. The site receives 8 million unique visits per day, and has 100 million avatars registered.


Playfish develops and publishes games for integration into social networks. Its most popular games are on the Facebook platform. Playfish’s games have over 20 million active users, and this number is growing rapidly. The company has three games on offer currently, with the aim of encouraging interactions between friends through gaming sociably.


Blyk is an advert-funded mobile telecoms network for 16-24 year olds. Users receive a set number of texts and minutes per month, which can be topped up through payment. In exchange for free messages and minutes, users are sent multimedia adverts directly to their mobiles, which they can easily interact with by replying to messages.

Plastic Logic

Plastic Logic has developed a low-power, flexible display, initially for use in the company’s portable document reader. The device will be released in 2009 and encompasses a touch screen interface, along with the robustness of the company’s display technology, which is built on a plastic substrate.


Stardoll is an online community website and browser game aimed at people aged 9-17 who are interested in fashion. The site is centred on a dressing-up game, wherein a user chooses the clothing an online avatar will wear. The service has over 8 million unique page views per month. The game is free to play, but small subscription fees open additional content.

Here’s the rest of the list, in no particular order:

Community & Sharing

Rummble    United Kingdom
Skinkers    United Kingdom
WeeWorld    United Kingdom
Netlog    Belgium
trutap    United Kingdom    Germany
Webjam    United Kingdom
Weblin (Zweitgeist)    Germany
Zemanta    United Kingdom


Boonty    France
Codemasters Group    United Kingdom
CPP    Iceland
Football Superstars    United Kingdom
GD GameDuell    Germany
GetJar    United Kingdom
Jagex    United Kingdom
Metaboli    France
Microgaming    Isle of Man
Mind Candy    United Kingdom
Miniclip    United Kingdom
Player X    United Kingdom
Realtime Worlds    United Kingdom

Music & Audio

Deezer    France
Ministry of Sound    United Kingdom
Omnifone    United Kingdom
Sellaband Verwaltung    Germany
Slicethepie    United Kingdom
Spotify    Luxembourg
We7    United Kingdom

Other Entertainment

Betware    Iceland
Search & Directory    United Kindom
abphone    France
Everyclick    United Kingdom
Experteer    Germany
Livebookings    United Kingdom    United Kingdom
m-spatial    United Kingdom
Pixsta    United Kingdom
Qype    Germany
Shazam Entertainment    United Kingdom
Silobreaker    United Kingdom
Taptu    United Kingdom
Touch Local    United Kingdom
True Knowledge    United Kingdom
Tvtrip    France
Zoopla!    United Kingdom

Text & Images

coComment    Switzerland
Imageloop    Germany
Mobiqa    United Kingdom
MoneyExpert    United Kingdom
Photoways    France
Polar Rose    Sweden    France
Shiny Media    United Kingdom
Unity 3D    Denmark


Blinkbox Entertainment    United Kingdom
Mydeo    United Kingdom
NaturalMotion    United Kingdom
Short Fuze    United Kingdom
Slingshot Productions    United Kingdom
umeetv    United Kindgdom
Zattoo    Switzerland


Adconion Media Group    Germany
AdJug    United Kingdom
Adscale    Germany
Brandwatch (formerly known as Magpie)    United Kingdom
ChangingWorlds    Ireland
Criteo    France
Elateral Holdings    United Kingdom
MirriAd    United Kingdom    Germany
OpenX    United Kingdom
Spotzer Media Group    The Netherlands
Streetbroadcast    United Kingdom
wunderLOOP    Luxembourg
Xtract    Finland


Polymer Vision    The Netherlands
Wyplay    France
Celltick Technologies    United Kingdom
Cityspace    United Kingdom
Exit Games    Germany
Kobalt Music Group    United Kingdom
LastMile Communications    United Kingdom
Velocix    United Kingdom
Ether Digital    United Kingdom
Picsel Technologies    United Kingdom
Service Platform
Volantis Systems    United Kingdom
NewBay Software    Ireland
ShoZu    United Kingdom
Streamezzo    France

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