Leadership? It’s All About The Jazz

In one of my favourite TV quotes ever, B.A. Baracus outlines what it is about A-Team boss Hannibal that makes him a suitable candidate to lead the outlawed ‘soldiers of fortune’.

Amy: How do people work with you? If they are so afraid you gonna rip their tongue out if they say the wrong thing to you?
B.A.: You talk about Hannibal? He ain’t afraid of nothing.
Amy: Then what. You think he has a deathwish or something?
B.A.: No, he just got the jazz, that’s all. Hannibal got the jazz.
Amy: The jazz?
B.A.: Yep. He’s been living on the edge ever since I’ve known him. He’s one crazy hooked together dude. That’s what kept him alive in ‘Nam, kept me and the others alive also.
Amy: Then why do you do it?
B.A.: For the jazz baby. It’s like walking into a casino in Vegas. Laying down your money on the crap table, and winning on the first role. You can’t walk away. You just can’t. You know you can beat them, because you’ve just done it.
Amy: It’s not the same thing.
B.A.: Sure it is. If you want this guy Valdez bad enough, and we get him, you’ll feel it. Wait and see.

OK, so B.A.’s no Drucker, but I think he’s onto something here.  When times get tough, as they are now, you need to get focussed, but you also need a little jazz to see you through.  Great leaders know how to turn up the jazz – keep the team passionate without losing the beat.

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