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Squarer Moo moves into business cards

Moo, the maker of cool calling-cards for the Web 2.0 generation, has had to turn a little square for its move into the business market.

Its new business cards, announced today, are more conventionally sized than the MiniCards it pioneered with up to 100 different photos on the reverse, selected by users from online photo galleries such as Flickr.

“It’s the most requested product we’ve had. People say ‘What I really want is a square one,’” says Richard Moross, Moo’s founder.
“It’s a larger more sympathetic canvas for pictures and designs and it’s much more accepted as a standard.”

Mr Moross can also square this change to addressing the much larger business market with the evolution of the use of Moo cards, from featuring Second Life avatars to advertising small businesses.

“We started as a business thinking how people were going to convey their virtual identity offline, but I think people’s virtual and real selves are much closer than we thought and to that end the professional use of the cards has really driven the demand.”

Mr Moross says Moo’s Printfinity™ variable print technology is still unique in the industry and lends itself to business applications where companies can show a range of products or brand statements on the back of the cards.

Moo ships from the UK and  is based in London. It has  printed around 10m MiniCards in the past year and has shipped  to 181 countries since it’s launch in September 2006. Around 55 per cent of its sales come from North America and French Italian, German and Spanish versions have just been launched.

The privately-held company has yet to reveal any financial numbers but has set its sights on challenging  VistaPrint, the Nasdaq-listed online printing company.

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