The Daylife Developer’s Challenge

The Daylife team have set up a competition for developers to build an application on top of the Daylife API and have asked me to be one of the judges. Daylife is awesome and you can win $2,000 – so, what are you waiting for?

Here are the details:

The Daylife Developer Challenge is on!

From now until June 25, Daylife is challenging each member of our developer community to build an application on top of the DayPI.

We’re awarding $2000 to the best entry, and $500 to each of 2 runners up.

We have a stellar panel of judges:

  • Brian Behlendorf
  • Jonathan Harris
  • Marc Hedlund
  • Scott Heiferman
  • Jeff Jarvis
  • Richard Moross
  • Clay Shirky

Entering is simple:

  • Build an app using the DayPI.
  • Write a recipe on the Daylife Cookbook describing what you’ve done.
  • You can do a mashup, a widget, a website, a facebook app, whatever you like. The only requirements are that you use the DayPI, that your app be world viewable, and that you post about it on our Daylife Cookbook.

For details, head over to

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