MOO Business Cards

They’ve been a long time coming, but today I’m excited to announce the arrival of MOO’s newest addition to the family – Business Cards.

Business Cards 2.0


MOO Business Cards Packaging

Since their introduction, 300 years ago, business cards have been used by billions of professionals to share their contact information and corporate identity. Despite being the single most successful networking tool of all time, they have remained more or less unchanged since their invention.

Even today, facing the might of the internet, mobile and other emerging digital media they’re still the most compatible, user friendly and universal networking technology that money can buy, making them more or less irreplaceable offline.

However, what was once intended to help businesses stand out has become commoditised and generic, a throwaway item, to be filed away out of sight.  MOO wants to change this.

Today there are two basic ways to get business cards:

Designer : Get noticed, but pay for it

• High quality materials
• Very expensive
• Good design
• Very large order quantity (1,000+)
• Not easy to order more, change designs etc.
• Long turnaround time: weeks

Or, more commonly chosen…

On Demand : Cheap and nasty

• Low quality materials
• Cheap
• Poor design
• Large order quantity (250+)
• Easy to re-order
• Short turnaround time: days

In June MOO is launching a business card that seeks to combine the best of both worlds. Building on our success in personal calling cards – 10m+ personal ‘MiniCards’ shipped to 180+ countries in 2007, we’re releasing the most hotly anticipated and most requested product yet: (anything but) ordinary Business Cards.

MOO Business Cards

MOO Business Cards will be beautifully designed, using the highest quality materials, but produced in 48hrs and shipped globally at prices from just $21.99

Concept & Innovation

2.0: What have we done differently?

PrintFinity™: Each Card Different

Unlike any business card you’ve had before, MOO’s PrintFinity™ technology means you can use a different image on each card. So, instead of just handing out the same old card every time, now you can use them as a design portfolio, a product catalogue or an ice-breaker: showcasing different photos or designs to each and every new person you give one to.

Super-Short Runs

Whilst you can order as many cards as you like from MOO, our Business Cards come in quantities as small as 50. So, not only will they cost you less, but you can also change them more frequently, keeping them and your small business more up to date. New product launches, recent achievements or even open job positions can easily be advertised to relevant contacts in a timely fashion.

Classic & Green Options

Thick, with a smooth matte finish: our Business Cards are printed on MOO’s coveted 350 gram Classic paper stock, which is sourced from sustainable forests.  We think this is the best quality on-demand business card you can buy.  But we’re not just launching one business card in June: we’re launching two.  MOO is the first consumer digital print business to offer a mass-market ‘Green’ business card, along with our ‘Classic’ range. MOO’s Green Business Cards are 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable – and all this at no extra cost.

Highest Quality, Guaranteed

There are lots of companies selling business cards on the web.  At MOO, we’re obsessive about quality and we pride ourselves on designing the best digital print products around. If you can find a better equivalent business card out there we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Good Company

Building on successful relationships with Facebook, Flickr, Bebo and LiveJournal, MOO is launching Business Cards with a new partner: LinkedIn, the leading online network of professionals with more than 23m members worldwide.

MOO Business Cards in Box

Physical Descriptions


• 100% Recycled
• 100% Recyclable
• 100% Biodegradable
• Totally chlorine free
• Thick 320 gsm stock
• FREE, MOO carry case


• Sustainably Sourced
• Smooth, luxury matte laminate
• Very thick 350 gsm stock
• FREE, MOO carry case

The Daylife Developer’s Challenge

The Daylife team have set up a competition for developers to build an application on top of the Daylife API and have asked me to be one of the judges. Daylife is awesome and you can win $2,000 – so, what are you waiting for?

Here are the details:

The Daylife Developer Challenge is on!

From now until June 25, Daylife is challenging each member of our developer community to build an application on top of the DayPI.

We’re awarding $2000 to the best entry, and $500 to each of 2 runners up.

We have a stellar panel of judges:

  • Brian Behlendorf
  • Jonathan Harris
  • Marc Hedlund
  • Scott Heiferman
  • Jeff Jarvis
  • Richard Moross
  • Clay Shirky

Entering is simple:

  • Build an app using the DayPI.
  • Write a recipe on the Daylife Cookbook describing what you’ve done.
  • You can do a mashup, a widget, a website, a facebook app, whatever you like. The only requirements are that you use the DayPI, that your app be world viewable, and that you post about it on our Daylife Cookbook.

For details, head over to